Wind Prediction for more effective Hunting…

Predicting the wind is probably the most difficult task a meteorologist faces.  The National Weather Service will not release a forecast out side of 2 1/2 days with wind speeds & directions.  Bottom line is they are INACCURATE, so don’t rely on them…

When it comes to calling predators the wind is a HUGE issue.  On windy days coyotes & bobcats shrink their response zones to almost nothing.  Over the years we have started using the National Weather Services Wind Prediction Model to help us decide on a location to go call.

These models will give you the wind direction & an idea on areas that may see less wind, even when the general forecast calls for wind advisories like today. 


Inside of a 2 day period they will have the maps listed in 3 hour increments. Outside of 2 days I would again stay away from relying on these models or ANY wind forecast. 

They also have a wind gust prediction model, which is only viewable inside of 48 hours.  This will allow you to see the HIGHEST predicted wind value within 48 hours.  These are the most accurate wind models we have found for the HUNTING community.  I personally will not use any other weather forecasting agencies because most of them are just regurgitated forecasts from the National Weather Service.  

You can find a link to the Wind Models on right hand side of our blog.  It can be used anywhere in the Untied States & we hope it helps you hunt HARDER & SMARTER!

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