Why the average guy quits…

Get YOUR kids involved!

I will first say that I am blessed to have been born into a family that made hunting a priority in my life from an early age.   This enabled me too develop a deep passion for hunting from an early age & I honestly wouldn’t proclaim to be an average hunter, but I also wouldn’t proclaim to be anyone special either. 

As I look at the statistics & the data there is an obvious trend that is slowly driving the AVERAGE family & hunter away from our way-of-life.  

1996 AZ Summary 
167,000 Hunters 16+ & older
Averaged 10 days in the field hunting
$1,291 Average cost spent per hunter for the year
$41 average trip expenditure per day per hunter
2006 AZ Summary
159,000 Hunters 16+ & older
Averaged 9 days in the field hunting
$1,998 Average cost spent per hunter for the year
$61 average trip expenditure per day per hunter

The COST is one of the main factors & it’s going to get worse.  As inflation proceeds to excel & wages continue too remain static, it’s pricing the average guy out.  Fuel prices are increasing, which increases the cost of everything.

In my opinion, the cost is probably the most obvious factor, as to why we have less hunters today.  Folks are choosing not to participate because it’s not within their budget.  With that being said, I think hunting land ACCESS is another focal point.   

It’s harder for the average guy to hunt many of the local areas his Grandfather hunted.  Human encroachment, development of checker boarded land & affordable access onto private ranches out west is dwindling.  

Loss of access creates a few issues:  

1. It causes hunters to travel more, which obviously drives their cost up.
2. It creates crowding on continuous public land sections within a given hunting unit because many hunters do not want to deal with the access issues.
3. It decreases draw odds for a few select units because guys want a quality hunt.
I personally don’t really know how to stop either of these issues.  Quite frankly it comes down to the ones that value it the most, will continue to participate & excel.  Having less hunters applying or participating may feel like a good thing too many of us who compete for draw permits, but it will eventually lead to less people understanding our way-of-life…

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