Why size doesn’t really matter…

Back in 2008 I joined my cousin, his father and their good friend Gill Franco on their archery elk hunt. I drove into camp during the middle of the night, several days into the hunt and I found them around the campfire.  Gill had shot a bull that evening but the hit was questionable at best. My cousin made a great choice to leave the area and give the bull all night to die.

The next morning after searching for what seemed like several hours, we finally found the bull. The bull was still ALIVE and another shot was required to quickly put the bull to rest. I firmly believe that if they would have continued pursuing the bull that evening, they would have lost him.

This was not Gill’s first elk but it was his first elk or animal with his bow. As I look back on the experience, I am truly humbled by Gill’s reactions and his appreciation of the animal, his help and the hunt. We all can get caught up in the big score HOOP LA but the experience is truly what it is all about.

Gill had dreams of a monster but he was very proud of his first archery bull!
The bull died next to this HUGE alligator juniper.
Gill looking at his first archery bull just a few minutes after the final arrow.
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