White Arizona Bull Elk! MAYBE I wasn’t crazy…

This past August I was scouting for elk with my kids & I swore I glassed up a white 6 point bull elk.  It was getting late & I could only catch glimpses of him before he disappeared down a draw.  In the video above I describe him as an Albino Bull, but actually he wasn’t & I knew that but for some reason I kept saying it…
Honestly, I have heard of a few in Arizona & seen a few pictures of some discolored elk on the web, but I have never laid eyes on one.  I never saw the white bull again, but yesterday when I stopped by Pioneer Taxidermy Studio in Flagstaff, AZ, I found this.

This bull was killed in my unit by another hunter from Queen Creek, AZ. 

Larry from Pioneer Taxidermy, stated the bull actually was very white on the rest of his body.  I am not 100% positive this is the White 6 point Bull Elk I saw, but it sure looks like him!!!

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Craig Steele

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2 thoughts on “White Arizona Bull Elk! MAYBE I wasn’t crazy…

  1. Jerad Cotten

    A few years ago we had a bull and a cow living in our wilderness that were white like that. I haven’t seen them for a year or two now but a friend of mine saw a cow with a white patch on her head and neck area. Maybe related to the cow and bull that used to roam that area. I did film a fawn this year that had a white body and brown spots all over. Very cool stuff.
    Very well could be the bull you saw.

  2. Wende S

    20 some odd yrs ago whenever company would come up to our house in Pinetop we’d take them out on animal runs through the backside of the reservation up around sunrise or hawley lake and come out in Whiteriver… Shortly after the reintroduction (or maybe before) of the grey wolf, we were near a clearing and thought we saw something white among the elk grazing in the field and as we came around the other side of the field something had spooked the herd and they ran in front of our truck with what looked like a wolf chasing them. There in the middle of about 25 elk was a solid white elk, and I mean solid white…. We couldn’t believe our eyes and to this day we still talk about that day. Some friends from Whiteriver said there were legends and good luck associated with seeing a white elk but I forget what those are


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