What taxidermist? Where?

Learn from our MISTAKE!  Use a taxidermist that runs their taxidermy studio like a business! Taxidermists in Arizona must have a state license & like any good business, they should have a business liability insurance policy. These are absolutes, if you value your trophy & want it back!   

Will you pay a little higher price? Yes. But how much money & time did you spend trying to harvest that 380+ Bull Elk? Unless you’re a lucky S.O.B., you probably spent thousands of dollars & hours trying to get him on the ground.

Things you should consider when choosing a taxidermist:

Pioneer Taxidermy does good work!


  •  Quality (Species specific)
  •  Price
  •  Location (Drop-off & Pick-up)
  •  Turnaround

We encourage AZ hunters to also visit the Arizona Taxidermy Association’s website.  You won’t find all of Arizona’s Taxidermists on their website, but it is a good resource, while you are at home.  We suggest you research a perspective taxidermist’s website, brochures, & studio before you go on your hunt.

We also understand with the ridiculous pace of today’s society, you may not have the time to research or even locate a taxidermist before your hunt, and that’s just one of the reasons we publish the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide annually.  It’s published both in print & online, which means you can find a taxidermist 365.24.7!!!
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