Want to Hunt a Lion? MuleyBull Outfitters gets to the TREE!

 If you are looking to go on a guided lion hunt, be sure to give MuleyBull Outfitters a look!  These guys have been getting some great Toms treed. 

 A big old toe head!  It’s NOT easy to tree a big old lion!  Days, Weeks, Months & YEARS of work go into learning & working your butt off to get a Tom in the TREE!

 As a Big Game Hunter, & Predator hunter I appreciate quality houndsmen.  These guys manage these big cats & HELP all of us in getting a few more permits allocated for prey species. 

Dry Ground is tough work & Arizona is the driest country you can find.  If someone is catching lions in Arizona, on dry ground, you know he is pretty darn good!

If you are thinking about a lion hunt, check-out MuleyBull Outfitters FaceBook & give them a call.  If you hunt PREY animals you should ALWAYS thank a predator hunter, if you EAT meat you need to realize these guys keep our cost down!  FACT!

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