Utah Archery Elk-September 5-8th

It’s been a few days…  Long hard hunting days!
We have found Mr. Heavy everyday,  except this morning.  I have had him under 60 yards twice, only to have him slip out from under me.

Skipping to last night.  
My dad found him in the same spot where I almost got a shot at him on the second day.  
There was less than an hour of shooting light, so I drove and long trotted back up the ridge.  I had good wind and I knew the country well.
Earlier that day, 22 cows and calves piled out below me as I waited on a boulder.  I was frustrated because he wasn’t with them so I left.  Well…  The SOB was now standing under the rock (3hours later)!
I was almost to the edge of the clearing and a cow was bedded in the trees.  I damn near ran her over, because I thought everything was in the meadow.  The cows all walked past me at 55-60 yards but Mr.  Heavy bugled just out of sight.  Damn it!   All he had to do was follow his cows but instead he went off the ridge screaming like crazy.
I watched them until dark because I was pinned down by the cows.  He was really ripping it up for the first time.

This morning was my morning to kill him, or so I thought.  We never even seen the slippery booger.  
I walked and my dad glassed the mountain and draws.  I let a tank of a 360 bull walk away and past on a young stag looking 7×7(pic above).
It’s been raining and I am not sure where he is again.  My dad seen a big 6×6 that really impressed him,  so I might take a look at him, if Mr. Heavy keeps ditching us.  
-Craig #NoExcuses
I have been posting from my phone and not proofing any of this.  Hopefully it is legible!  
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