Utah Archery Elk-September 4th

Yesterday afternoon really sucked. 
 Mr. Heavy moved his cows through the trees early.  Luckily my old man caught him so we had an idea to start with this morning.
This morning we made our way with headlamps up the steep mountain. We began glassing before the sun was up and found to small 6 points.  1 bull was bugling,  while the other feed.
30 minutes after the sun awoke, we found a muddy bull with a cow to the north.  We watched him bugle and look down hill.  We knew something was going on.
6 miles from where we saw Mr. Heavy and his cows, he appeared.  He had two more elk with him,  and I immediately bailed off the hill.
I drove the truck around to where I last saw them but they already made it up the  mountain.  I followed…
I trailed them through the thick junipers until I heard him bugle.  I slowed my pace as he was less than 100 yards.  Just then I caught a cow bedded at 60, but it was too late!  I was busted!

I followed until the tracks slowed and then caught a glimpse of a feeding cow.  I decided to back off because of horrible wind and too much cover.
I am not sure where they are going to head tonight.  We are going to watch both spots as he isn’t being very predictable.

Anxiously waiting back at camp.
-Craig #NoExcuses
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