Utah Archery Elk-2013

First,  blog post about my Utah Archery Bull Elk hunt. This post may not be formatted correctly or the grammar maybe less than par.  I am posting from my iPhone.

I made the drive from Arizona to Utah on Thursday.  I made it up just in time to drive around half my unit via the highway.  
I woke up the next morning to glass up a few elk and mule deer everywhere.  

I decided to head up on to the mountain to see what it was like.  I saw a giant herd of cows and calves in an old burn.  There were campers, OHVs and hunters everywhere on top.

That afternoon I decided to head off the mountain and look at some of the low country.  I ditched the truck and climbed on my old honda foreman.

It was pretty dry,  so my goal was to cut sign.   I found an area that seemed to have several elk and it was pretty good country,  so I climbed up high to glass.

I immediately found 11 mule deer bucks below me,  but just one spike elk.  I came off the mountain and stayed down in the bottom that night.
I got up to a thunderstorm off to the south and a few road hunters driving below the mountain.  This was the opener for my Utah Limited Entry Archery elk hunt, but I was mainly just scouting. 


I glassed up about 50 head of cows and calves which was a promising morning.  My plan is to comeback around the 1st of September,  which will hopefully be the beginning of the elk rut.
I decided to do a complete 360 of the unit.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.  I did,  but much of the unit is pretty dry and I didn’t see anymore elk tracks down low.  I am pretty sure most of the elk are up on the mountain.

I got up higher that night.  It was stormy, but I finally glassed up a mature bull raking a tree.

I am heading home this morning and I guess I accomplished what I wanted to.  My current impression of this Utah Limited Entry elk unit is…  Too many roads.  Not enough low juniper country.
No Excuses -Craig  

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