two rookie Coues hunters…

This past November two rookie Coues Deer hunter’s had the privilege of hunting the San Carlos Apache, after my cousin Brandon Lawrence was lucky enough to draw a permit via a raffle. 

After some advise & a day of scouting & hunting, we stumbled on to what would be the first Coues Deer buck either of us had seen on the ground.

Brandon made a perfect 300 yard shot on his first Coues Buck!  We both began to second guess the size of this buck, but none the less, we both agreed it was the prettiest animal we had ever seen on the ground.

Basically I have come to the conclusion hunting is about the 3 M’s:


Brandon was a happy hunter, but looking back I think we both wished we would have hunted longer, not because the buck didn’t score 110+, but because it would have made for some more memories…

I love glassing & Coues Deer are considered to be the hardest animal to glass because of the country they live in & their small size.   

A picture of the FIRST Coues Deer I have ever glassed-up.  This was on the first day of Brandon’s hunt & I was very excited to see some while sitting behind glass.  

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