Trophy Bull?

Trophy Bull Elk?

Mickey & Joe proud to be posing with their last day bull elk.

Is this a trophy bull?

The hunting industry I live in, is becoming ever more saturated with tough guys and score boasting advertising campaigns.  I am constantly on social media, the web and looking at traditional.  It’s part of my job, but it’s starting to wear on me.

“Come on man, you are a guide and trophy hunter, you are part of the problem! “

I am not naive, I am guilty of posing my animals to make them look as big as they can and I will hunt biggest animals I can find. Ultimately, my definition of a trophy is not based on what an organization says about the horn or antler structure of an animal.  I understand a trophy is defined by ones’ personal goals, not my goals or societies. 🙂

I am very aware of marketing from both the corporate level down to the outfitter level.  With that said, that’s why I don’t like to slam scores on every photo I publish.  I know technology is shrinking the hunting community and you have to let your game do the talking, now more than ever.

Typically, if I don’t share a score, I get the patented first question, “what’s it score?

I understand some are just trying to get better at field judging and I completely get that.  While others  just want to hear the score so they can 1 up you.  I have another name for it, but that’s more reserved for garage talk.

To be blunt, completely basing success on inches is demoralizing what I love so much, the HUNT.

When I saw this image taken by Jimmy Hoffman, co-owner of Flatline Maps, it made me smile.   In fact, I was so interested in the image I called Jimmy because I wanted to hear the story behind the hunt.

Mickey and Joe are Pennsylvanian residents and have only hunted elk 1 other time. They trailed this bull up on last day, while on a very tough public land late elk hunt in Arizona.  In fact, they thought the hunt was over, so when they shot this bull, it was as if they had killed a 400″ giant.

Personally, I want to hear about the hunt first and the score second.

Am I alone???  Perhaps I am just jealous?


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