tire shops should invest in OUTDOORSMEN!

changing a tire with a torn shirt!  I hate rocks & barbed wire fences…

It’s just a fact, outdoorsmen spend a ton of money on vehicles, maintenance, & fuel!
I just bought new tires for my hunting rig a few weeks ago & this past weekend I took out a side-wall!  During this year’s Callin’ for a Cause Hunt, there were two different teams with flat tires & one with a broken rear axle.  Outdoorsmen spend a ton of money on just tires alone!  ATV tires, travel trailer tires, boat trailer tires, truck tires, & the list goes on…

Bottom line, if you own or operate a tire shop, you should invest in OUTDOORSMEN because we don’t just sit at home!  We buy quality tires & use the heck out of them. 

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