Things Happen for a Reason…

Waiting years and possibly decades for a draw hunt can sometimes lead to unreal anticipation by the time you finally draw a quality tag. The hunt arrives and you feel like you have scouted and prepared yourself well. Then the headlights start to poor in and your plan A goes to plan Z and all too soon the hunt ends.

Well, this story begins with me burning 7 bonus points in order to draw a good tag but not a premium one. I scouted more than 30 FULL days and I had found several good bulls but nothing GREAT…

After several days of hunting I was down to plan Z. Plan Z was to go back in an area where I had found a 340 class bull a week before the season, so with 3 ½ days left to hunt we climbed up on a knob and like clockwork the bull and his cows appeared in the same exact spot I saw them in before the hunt. The rest of the evening we watched them and then slept in my truck waiting for daylight to appear.

We headed to the edge of the trees as daylight was near and 30 minutes later the bull was headed for us. Just as they reached 150 yards they began to take a different angle.

That afternoon we went back to camp and talked about how the bull was going to get killed, we just had to be patient. At 3pm we made it back into the area and an old boy that was sitting the tank waved us down. These were his exact words, “Man, you aren’t going to believe this but I was up on this hill just a few hours after you left and the cowboys rode this whole pasture. They pushed every elk back up on top of that hill.” Not wanting to believe it I waited that night for the bull and his cow to appear and nothing but a few stragglers showed. The next morning I was at the edge of the trees again and again nothing. To cut it short I finally found the bull way back up in a draw on the last evening and made an unsuccessful stalk.

My hunt was over and I was depressed… Until I got a call from Chad Smith.  Chad said he was scouting that area because he was going to help a Hunt of a Lifetime Hunter. I told him all I knew and they did the rest. Follow the link below and then navigate to the Articles page.  Then look at the Western Hunter Article, Divine Intervention by Chris Denhem.

Things Happen for a Reason…
I am sure glad I didn’t kill that elk as this hunter deserved him.  He and his family will have memories that will last for a lifetime.

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