There are NO Shortcuts!

You ONLY have 2 options if you are truly wanting to consistently be successful  at finding trophy animals year after year:

  1. Scout, Scout, & more Scouting!
  2. Hire a quality guide & let them scout. 

    Scouting does begin at home by following the weather, looking over state GIS & Google Earth, but NOTHING beats getting out & in your unit; NOTHING!  Typically, hardwork with a little blessing from above is what we like to rely on.  Outdoorsmen that show up the night before the season are relying on LUCK & they are behind the 8 ball.

    Over the year’s we have seen an increase in folks posting on forums & point blank asking for a hot tip. Most guys that have been out scouting are scouting for themselves, or clients & they aren’t going to turn you onto a fountain of monster bulls or bucks.   If you are a beginner & you are looking to get some general ideas you will probably receive some PMs,  responses & a warm welcome, but don’t expect a road map to the pot of gold.  Realistically everything changes from day to day, let alone year to year, so put your time in scouting.   

    There are NO SHORTCUTS!

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