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The Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide is an outstanding new tool that many of us hunters, both old and new can utilize at home and in the field .  One of the most convenient aspects of the ORG is the ability to use the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide in print, on your pc and in a pdf version.

Obviously, the print version is self explanatory.  In my opinion print is still the most viewer friendly format & you can’t beat having a hard copy in your truck or while at camp. But, if you are a subscriber or ordered the digital edition this gives you the ability to convert the entire publication to a pdf, which allows you to save it on any phone or device with a pdf reader.  I always have my phone on me, so downloading the pdf just made sense.

I drew an Arizona 5A archery antelope tag this year.  I have only hunted antelope one other time and I completely admit that I have very little experience when it comes to hunting Speed Goats. Before my first scouting trip I was able to download the pdf form of the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide (before I received the printed version). Living in New Mexico I knew little about my unit, other than there are a ton of antelope. With the ORG stored in my phone I was not only able to scout confidently knowing I was in the right area because of the high resolution unit boundary maps, but I was also more confident in my field judging abilities because I had the scores & live photos with me. Honestly, the entire Pronghorn Size-Up section help me understand exactly what I need to look for in order to find a great buck.

Sprint Data Coverage-Orange is realistic, grey isn’t!
The ORG also gave me the ability to check for services around my unit, including any archery shops in the area, should any miss hap’s occur during my up coming hunt. I didn’t have to worry about not having data service for my phone because it’s downloaded to it. For an out of state hunter like me, it is an outstanding tool that took care of not just one, but many of my concerns. It almost makes you feel like your hunting in your back yard.

There is a lot of JUNK out on the hunting market today, but I am truly excited to have such a useful tool in my truck, on my pc, and on my phone.
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