the LITTLE things matter.

I was sitting on a hillside glassing for pronghorn antelope when good friend, Jimmy Hoffman,  turns to me and says, “it’s the little things…”

I said, “what?”

He said, “it’s the little things no one talks about.”

“How you walk… Where you step…  How fast you glass… When you move… The little things are what separates the guys who get it done and those who just don’t.” He said and then went back to glassing.

As I watched this short dall sheep video, the conversation I had with Jimmy (co-owner of Flatline Maps) a few years ago hit me again.

Watch, starting at 1:21

The bowhunter made a great angled shot on this big dall sheep.  That in itself is a huge feat and I am for sure jealous of him.

Everyone on social media is talking about the shot, but that’s not what stood out to me when I watched the footage.  I am fascinated with how vastly different the two guys approached the ram.  I am certain the guy with the ranger finder must be an extremely experienced hunter, because his approach was very smooth, deliberate and stealthy.

the LITTLE things matter.  


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