the Learning Curve

Non-Resident UnGuided hunters are typically at the bottom of the Learning Curve.

Non-Resident hunters are typically at the bottom of the Learning Curve, that’s why most hire guides.

I know a lot of people talk about hunting on their own or diy, but not that many people actually go out-of-state and do it successfully.   There is a HUGE learning curve when you go to a new area, often this is why most people don’t attempt hunting a new area alone or at least with out help.  This one reason why local hunters have the advantage and why people who don’t have the time to research and scout, hire a guide.

When I go to a new state or unit/area, in which I have never hunted, one of the challenges is getting myself to feel comfortable.  I want to feel like a local in that area, so I use the web to help me visually see what the area is like, before I go scout or even apply.  I know some of this stuff such as HASHTAG searching and wading through images and videos online is something most will probably never do, but it helps me visualize whether I want to apply for that GMU.

Keep in mind, although I publish hunting and marketing content on the web all of the time, I RARELY want to ask someone for a piece of information.   I am very prideful (often to a fault) and I really think of it as me against the world when I am hunting.  This is what drives me and this is what makes me want to go back for more punishment.


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