the Kid’s Story (early rifle bull elk)

Ernie Scaff drew the coveted Arizona Unit 10 Early Rifle Bull Elk Hunt in 2012.  It was his second year applying for this hunt, so he had a little help or luck on his side.  We set our hopes on a 350+ bull, but it really didn’t matter to Ernie.  

This was about the Hunt and who he shared it with….

This was the toughest early rifle bull hunt I have ever been on, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying why we were there.

a message for the kid

You are not defined by your past, only you will define where you will go.  The obstacles & challenges you have seen are for a reason, just don’t let them be an excuse.  

It’s not how you start in this world, it’s how you finish.  

-Keep Grinding


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