The Future of Hunting=Public Land Fees, Price Increase and Longer Wait

A couple weeks ago, I found out my in-state tag fees and hunting licenses were going to go up next year.  

Damn, I wish I could do that when I had a budget issue.  

Today, I got the official word of an access program, which includes fees, being implemented for a big ranch in Arizona.

My wallet can’t take too much more of this, but I will adapt my lifestyle to continue to get myself and my family in the field.  

I am officially on the wagon and I will eat saltine crackers and peanut butter this hunting season, so I can put fuel in my truck and buy our permits.

My rant! 

  • Hunting is changing.  
  • Hunting is not going to get any cheaper.  
  • We are going to see access fees & programs for National Forests in the future.  
  • Any of the large tracts of private land you access for free now, will eventually be developed, or closed for only those willing to pay big time access fees. 
  • Draw odds for the best hunts will continue to decrease and eventually the state wildlife departments will have to charge more for these permits (ie. premium permit) to make up for lost revenue.     

I think the future will allow for only those who value hunting the most to participate on a regular basis.  I see hunting becoming less family oriented and more of a secular activity.    I hate to be the grim reaper, but hunting numbers will drop in the future.

The good old days…  Gone?

A few thoughts… 

  • The answer is not to increase non-resident fees.  This only hurts those of us with a less full wallet, who apply for out-of-state hunts.
  • Start applying for out-of-state hunts, now!  Can’t afford it?  Yeah, that’s why the above is NOT an option.  

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