Tamara’s Last Day Buck

DSC00135It’s always hard to know what will come up when you are planning a hunt months in advance.  In our case, we thought it would be pretty safe getting Colorado third season elk and deer tags for my wife, Tamara.

As the hunt got closer, more and more things started to creep in on the short one week season.  Among other things, she had to report for jury duty the Monday after the season started, so we knew we would only have half the week to hunt.

Once everything was wrapped up, we headed for the hills – only three days to hunt.

Being an over the counter hunt for elk, there would be a lot of pressure in the area we were headed for.  We wanted the elk meat, but knew our odds were a lot better at filling her buck tag.  So after the first day and a half of chasing elk with no luck, we turned our attention to some areas that usually held some nice bucks.

The first spot is one that always amazes us and this time it turned up a freak buck with a giant 4 pt. antler on one side and a porcupine looking ball of antler on the other.  After jumping him at 60 yards without getting a shot, we decided to let that area rest for a day and come back the last morning if we hadn’t killed anything else.

The following night we helped some friends with two cow elk they had killed and then hunted the same area the next morning hoping to find the five point bull that was with the cows.

No luck, just other hunters with the same idea.

The last morning we headed back in search of the freak buck.  At first light, I spotted four deer below the stand of trees where we saw him previously.  One quick look through the scope showed that one of the bucks was a GIANT!  Way outside his ears and heavy, with cheaters coming off on both sides.

Tamara’s brother in law also had a buck tag and we made a quick plan to have them cover the back side of the draw hoping that one of us would get a shot.  Unfortunately, it was just a little too much activity and the bucks slipped right passed both of us into the timber.

Just a few minutes later, we drove to another area where we found a group of deer with a couple young 4 point bucks.  It was the brother in law’s turn to make the first move and he took the biggest buck in the group at 100 yards.












With just a few hours left to hunt, Tamara and I headed up the draw to glass from a high point.  It wasn’t long ,and we located a nice 4 point about a mile down in a willow patch.

After a long stalk in the wide open, Tamara made a great shot and the buck was down.















DSC00192 group crop


As we were quartering the buck out, getting ready to pack it back up to the truck, some friends arrived to help us out.  After spending most of the season hunting solo, it’s always fun to finish things off with friends and family.

On a similar note, there isn’t much I enjoy more than being with my wife in the outdoors.  Watching her following elk tracks in the snow, enjoying the early morning sunrise in the mountains, and seeing her excitement as it all comes together with a buck on the ground…priceless!!!

– Laine

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