#1 way to kill Record book Elk

Without a doubt, the #1 way to consistently kill a Record Book Elk is to hunt the best places in the world.  Hunting the best genetics, age class and least hunted areas in the world, will allow you to kill more record book animals.

It’s that simple.

I stumbled on this film taken on the White Mountain Apache, cruise to the 19 minute mark and see an awesome up close call-in and rifle shot on a big bull.  This is a great bull, but for the White Mountain Apache this bull is not the biggest they offer.  Again, this is a great bull and I am not taking anything away from anyone, I just want to point out, NOT all hunting areas are created equal.

It’s very hard to beat the White Mountain Apache, San Carlos Apache or the Hualapai Nation for consistently producing Trophy Elk, but most don’t have the money or don’t value the experience enough to go on these hunts. Auction & Raffle state-wide elk hunts typically produce giant elk as well, but again, most of us are not going to get these opportunities. Landowner tags are another great option, but many of the best ones are booked up for years.  So, then what…

APPLY! Then APPLY again!!!  Then APPLY again!!! Keep applying…

You have to apply for multiple state draws and you have to apply for some of the best elk units and hunts, if you want to put the odds in your favor for killing a record book elk.  If you are not a resident of a state that produces record book elk consistently, it’s probably going to take a few years or decades to draw these tags.

I am very blessed to live in Arizona.  Often as a resident, guide, and die hard hunter, it’s easy to become spoiled, arrogant or jaded when you are around big elk all of the time.   If I am 100% open about it, I really question if I am that good of an elk hunter or if I am only as good as my hunting area.