You are not that damn good!

“I am the best… He is going to die…”

These are often some of the thoughts, which run through my head when I am guiding or hunting.  It may sound arrogant.  It may sound cocky, but it’s the truth.  Honestly, I think you should have these same thoughts going through your head when you are on a hunt.


I get my ass kicked all of the time on hunts and I think it’s important to share.  I think it’s important to admit when I am wrong and when I fail on my hunts. I am human and I make mistakes all of the time, so I want to talk about them.

So, here we go…  Mr. Heavy, how he really got away?

 I should have killed this bull.

You don’t get multiple chances at a bull like this, especially as a non-resident unguided hunter.

The first day I hunted, I should have kept my butt on the mountain.  I came off of the hill and went back to camp because I thought he was laid up for the day.  He & his cows beat me to the spot that afternoon by 20 minutes.

Point blank, I got LAZY.

Next chance…

Mr. Heavy & his cows were bedded on the North slope of a clear cut.  The wind was blowing to them from my position, but I used a small draw to the East of the herd to approach.  This took my scent/wind offline from the elk.

I made it to within 55 yards of him.  I could just see his antlers, but I thought the cows had moved off of the hill and toward the bottom.  I got in a hurry and stood up.   What I didn’t notice were a couple of cows bedded just 40 yards from me.   The cows busted me and he escaped without a shot.

He was dead.  If an animal gets with in my effective range, I feel they are dead and if they get away, I screwed up.  #NoExcuses

God gave me a gift.  I got impatient.

I like sharing these stories and thoughts, because I want you to get to the next level, hell I want to get to the next level.   I get so sick of watching the same stuff or hearing the HEROIC stories in hunting and seeing them on social media.  I want to feel something real and I want to learn something.

Anyways, thanks for reading and watching; it matters.