a desert bighorn hunt film… passion.

I woke up at 4 this morning and flicked on the coffee.  I typically head to the office and pull up YouTube.  My feed is generally filled with anything from entrepreneur vids to any number of hunting vids.   95% of the hunting vids I don’t watch, but this one was edited by a guy who has a knack for creating a story, so I watched…

First, I am a big softy.  I can’t make it through a sad movie with out crying and I am not scared to admit it.  This film wasn’t really a sad movie, but it did show the passion of Shane Rhoton.  It showed how much he loves the hunt.  How much he has sacrificed to be living his dream, despite what doubters may say. It really was well put together and I look forward to more.

Yes, it is an expensive Mexico desert sheep hunt and most of us won’t VALUE it enough or sacrifice enough to go on this hunt.  The point is, it’s a film filled with the passion for the hunt and you can see it meant a lot to the hunter.

-Craig Steele #LiveIt #ORGhunt