You are NOT a damn Pro-Hunter!

ORG Hunt

Ever since my dreams of becoming a NBA superstar were crushed (didn’t even play college ball), all I wanted to do was hunt for a living.

I remember getting x10 Mathews Bows shipped to my house (for free), back in 2003. It was like Christmas! I was a badass in my own mind, although I never felt comfortable acting like it, because inside I knew the truth, I was just a guy who loves hunting.

Sportsman’s Warehouse filed for chapter 11 and the buyer changed, thus I lost my contract. It was back to reality, but really, was I hunting for a living??? Nope. I wasn’t getting paid to hunt, I wasn’t getting paid unless I sold x amount of DVDs.

It’s 2014, the dream is still alive. In fact, now I am living it!!! Well, not exactly….

Here is the honest truth. I know some of you are going to get offended, but I want to make sure people (specifically youth) know the truth.

There is not a damn PRO hunting league!

ORG Hunt

What about Pro-Staffs??

Pro-Staffers typically get FREE product, you are not getting paid to hunt. Sometimes they only get DISCOUNTS on products!!!

My opinion, pro-staff is a misused title within the hunting industry. When I see the term PRO-STAFF, I am lead to believe someone is getting paid; it’s their MAIN paid profession.  “Pro” in most cases means, Promotional & not Professional, but the perception to the general public is the pro-staff is getting paid.

The Truth.

Some are getting paid to produce traditional & web content. All of this requires LARGE investments of TIME & MONEY!

The reality.

You are not just going to go hunt & get paid. You are not just going to go kill some big animals on film and get paid. It’s not happening…

2 of the biggest names in the western hunting industry are Cameron Hanes & Randy Ulmer. Randy is a killing machine, but he doesn’t just hunt. Randy is a vet, perhaps, he is getting paid, but it’s obviously not enough for him to quit his day job.


Well, he may now be getting paid, but he was or may still be a full-time buyer for the Springfield Utility Board. Again, he maybe now, but how much? It looks like he is trying to start a TV show, but that’s not getting paid to hunt.

What about guides?

I personally guide, and although I am in the field helping hunters, I am not technically the hunter. This isn’t getting paid to hunt, it’s getting paid to guide.

What about TV celebrities?

TV shows get paid to produce content and sell commercials. MOST of them would love to just turn the cameras off and hunt, but that’s not an option. You have 125K-500K in commercials you have to sell, just to break EVEN!!!

We live in a world where we are really connected socially. Looking at it from a young kid’s perspective, it’s very easy to get jaded. It’s very easy to idolize people who hunt, which I don’t think is a bad thing, but WE as a hunting community, owe it to the YOUTH to tell the truth.

ORG Hunt

definition of professional
-engaged in a specified activity as one’s MAIN paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

I will argue until the day I die, there is also NO such thing as a “Prohunter”.  This term is used often by the media and product companies, but it’s just hype. There is NOT a league or entity cutting checks so guys can JUST go hunt, you have to have a job with a product company, business or service, in order to get paid in the hunting industry.

Keep dreaming, but don’t be fooled.

-Craig Steele #LiveIt #ORGhunt

Check-out: Realtree’s Professional Hunter Page   (a few of these guys have full-time day jobs, most have TV shows or some have outfitting businesses)