No Excuses. Kid mouth calls better than any Primos.

People that really know  me, understand I love to hunt big stuff and I love people with passion for life.  Everyone  of us wake up in the morning with different roadblocks we must conquer and some have it more difficult than most.  Joshua has is difficult, but the kid has a passion for life & hunting; he makes “No Excuses”.

No Excuses

Joshua Mouth Calling at the NWTF Show.  Video was published by Anthony Foster on Facebook.

Joshua was shot by his father in a hunting accident back in 2005, but has now become a Facebook sensation because of a video of him calling with his mouth.  Joshua is trying to raise money so that he may purchase an action track chair, so he can follow his passion of hunting & filming.

You can help him out by clicking on the link below.

-Craig Steele

#LiveIt #ORGhunt #NoExcuses