Gear Reviews are for You

Hunting Products Reviews are must been done after the gear is actually used.

Hunting Products Reviews must been done after the gear is actually used.

I have kept my opinions to myself for the past 2 years while filming the #HuntForMore Series, because I wanted to actually show people that I use & hunt more than 99% of people.  Each week I would receive several messages about what I was wearing or using & how it performed.  I answered them privately, because I was a little afraid to be open about it and I really never wanted to do gear reviews, because I felt as though I was just 1 person.

Product Overviews vs Product Reviews

Product overviews are typically done (or should be) when a producted is launched.  KUIU Ultralight Hunting  has really taken advantage of the current marketing platforms by doing product launches for each new product.  Every time a NEW product comes out you see the CEO/Founder Jason giving all of their customers a video overview, they are even doing LIVE launches on the web.   Overviews are designed to give you a general overview of a product, which is completely different from a product review.

Product reviews are when a media outlet or influencer gives you their opinion on how a product performed in the field.  IMO-Product reviews should not be done with the intent to SELL product, they are simply opinions on how the gear performed.

Is it a credible product review???

The traditional media world has big overhead issues, so giving good-great reviews for their advertising companies, is simply hard to dance around.  I found myself in this position several years ago when I was publishing a print magazine, that’s one of the reasons I got out of the print industry.

The web/digital world is clustered full of the next hunter off the street trying to get attention.  Being able to actually HUNT effectively is a must & you must gain the trust of an audience, this takes time, effort & skill.  Selfies of you in the woods in the newest hunting gear or using the next nutritional supplement only makes you look LESS credible.

The reality is, product reviews are subjective & often influenced by monetary gain, so make sure you use your god given brain when reading, watching or listening to them.

Here is a short video into my insight on Hunting Product Reviews: