My hunting life exposed in 2014

Being quiet honest, I have zero interest in becoming a celebrity in the hunting industry.  I have always just wanted to tell stories and share my own.  Over the years I have realized,  there are not many people who value hunting like I do.  I am not saying I am a better human being because I value hunting more than most, I am just simply stating a fact about my value system.

Hunting is like any sport, we all can do it, but only some actually excel at it.  Unlike, pro-sports, there isn’t a league.  There is NO champion at the end of the season, just a bunch of moments or memories.  I think sometimes, the industry and the community gets caught up in all the hoopla and we forget why we are doing it.

This year I am going to publish a new set of episodes called, “Hunt for More.”  It’s going to have more than just big dead animals or impact shots, I am going to share my hunting life and thoughts.  It’s going to be raw and I will probably get some haters because of it, but I know the ones who truly value hunting and know me, will enjoy.

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