Corey Knowlton is…

Corey Knowlton is well known in the hunting industry, especially for purchasing govenor or auction hunts.  Often times, we as a society (& hunters) label people of wealth as non-caring & greedy.   Bottom line, we get jealous of what we don’t have and what they do have…

Corey recently purchased a black rhino hunting permit from the Namibian government, via the Dallas Safari Club’s auction.  The rage Corey & his family have seen from Anti Hunters has become personal and very scary.

Corey was recently on Piers Morgan show & it’s a fascinating interview.

Corey Knowlton Black Rhino Hunt

I haven’t seen the entire interview, but I will say this…  This 3 minute clip was probably the most authentic & real interview given by a person high up in the hunting industry.  There was no script.  There was no bull shit.  Corey just laid out a honest and heart felt case about hunting (not just hunting the black rhino).

Here is a link to the entire piece on CNN:  Black Rhino Hunt