Why I won’t reach my Mule Deer goal.

Glassing for Mule Deer during the early season is an awesome adventure.

Glassing for Mule Deer during the early season is an awesome adventure, but I am sitting this year out.

It really hit me this past Friday…

“I won’t be able to hunt the early archery mule deer season this year, in my home state or any state for that matter.”

The reality is, I am to busy right now trying to do my absolute best for our clients this fall and I just can’t allocate time toward bowhunting velvet mule deer.  I say this reluctantly, as it’s one of the best years for antler growth.  I have seen several 180’s taken and heard a rumor of a 230″ (on just OTC tags).

Next year, I am going to hunt at least 1 week, eventually I may be able to allocate 2 weeks to this hunt, because that’s what you need to get it done.  Just like any hunt, but specifically on an over-the-counter archery mule deer hunt, you must have time in the field.  Time is what gets you the opportunities you need to be successful.  Time is what I don’t have this fall.

NO, I am not asking for a pity party, nor do I think I deserve one.  Right now, I value money and business more than bowhunting mule deer, or else I would have took on less clients.  Once I get these 2 things lined up, I will be finishing what I started several years ago.

We all have excuses and obstacles in life to overcome, the ones who find a way around these obstacles are the ones who will achieve the success they are looking for

-Craig  Steele