Rookie Archery Elk Hunting Mistake

Opening evening of my father’s 2014 Archery Elk Hunt, found us crawling into a good position on a bedded bull and his cows. The terrain was wide open, so we had to be cautious with every movement.  The bull started pushing his cows away from us, so we stood up.  The bull then moved his harem back toward us, catching us off guard. My father has always preached sitting in front of your cover and not behind, or on the side, but in the heat of the moment we threw that out the window and we sat on the left side of a bush.

The elk reached 90 yards, when the bull turned them to our left and proceeded to push them to 54 yards.  Now the bull was within bow range for my father but the bush was to tall for him to shoot over and he could not move to the other side to set himself up for a good shot. The bull stood broadside feeding at 54 yards and all we could do was watch the herd feed until dark.  (SEE VID ABOVE)

It’s experiences like this which are painful, but hopefully teach you what not to do in the future.