Strategy for my Nevada Applications. Deadline is TODAY!

I have been applying and buying points for Nevada for the past 6 years.  So, last night I sat down to apply.  After almost 4 hours of fighting the network on the Nevada Online Application Website, I gave up and woke up early this morning to complete the process.

Yeah, I was a dumbass and didn’t buy points a couple of years.

First, I always evaluate what tags I have drawn or my family has drawn in Arizona or the other states I apply for.  I also have to schedule my hunts around my daughter’s birthday and any hunts I am guiding in Arizona.  Precipitation maps, draw odds, and unit historical history are the last items I look at before I apply.

Nevada’s Big Game Season PDF

I did some texting and talking with Lee Murphy (Application Service Manager) and a couple of friends yesterday.  I wanted to make sure I was on track, which isn’t always easy now-a-days.  I then went and did some researching on Nevada draw odds.  I GOOGLED it, but ended up using the weblink on our website in order to find the data. 

(Nevada has actually cleaned up their website and it’s SUPER easy to find this information now.   I honestly was impressed with the simplicity of their new website).

Hunt Draw Odds page on our website.

So, basically I am applying for points for Elk & Nelson Desert Sheep in Nevada.  I am just too busy, in and out of the office right now, but I know I will one day want to hunt these animals in NV, so I have to build points.

I typically like to bowhunt big game, but considering my schedule this year, it’s not an option. So, I am looking for some of the best mule deer hunts for the specific time I can hunt.  I don’t have to kill a 200″ typical or 220″ non-typical, but like everyone else, I would love the opportunity.  My goals would be to kill a 190″ buck, or a heavy-wide buck. 

FYI-The Deadline is TODAY!!!

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