Stay Hungry. Stay Humble.

Being humble in a marketing world which has changed is a challenge for anyone with a competitive DNA.

Staying hungry and humble in today’s hunting world is a challenge for anyone with a competitive DNA.

I often think I am the greatest hunter to ever step foot in Arizona, but I realize that’s the mentality of a winner.

In hunting, which is not a sport’s league, like the NFL or NBA, there are numerous winners, so be cautious of SELF labeling yourself as , “The GREATEST.”


The world we live in today has changed, because of technology.  Hunters, hunting guides, hunting celebrities, pro-staffers and hunting companies are all connected to one another.  Self promotion and marketing is the reality of today’s media climate.  So, whether you are a hunting company or an individual on a hunting pro-staff, self promotion is required to grow.  This dynamic means it’s extremely easy to get jealous or to pick apart the competition, but that’s a waste of time.

the Context often gets lost!

I typically only post images of me smiling with trophy animals.  If I post grip-n-grin images, I often try to quote something in the caption which is inspirational or descriptive.  If I am publishing content for my outfitting businesses, I tend to shy away from posting scores, unless I know it’s an official score and I do it in away that represents hunting in a respectful manner.


My mom and dad love me no matter what, but I understand that most people didn’t change my diapers as a baby.  In my videos, I may curse or get emotional, but it’s a lot easier to build context via video or audio communication.  Most of us have received a text from someone, in which we took out of context, only to find out the person was trying to say something completely different.

Your mom & dad will put up with you being arrogant, but not everyone changed your diapers.

Your mom & dad will put up with you being arrogant, but not everyone changed your diapers.

You MUST have a winner’s mentality if you want to consistently be successful , but that doesn’t mean it is always a good approach on social networks, posts, or comments.

Think about this…

Why do 99% of people hate Floyd Mayweather Jr., but love Manny Pacquiao?

Lack of Context.  

Floyd has branded himself as a money loving loud mouth boxer, therefor 95% of the world hates him, even though he works his butt off, came from a crappy background and is damn good.

Yeah, he got paid, but who got RESPECT and got paid?

Worry about yourself.

I have been guilty of this in the past and we don’t realize how bad it looks when we post rants, deceitful comments or images with regards to others.  It looks weak and immature to those who lack context with you or the conversation. Those types of communication are not qualities which attract clients, companies or the type of followers you want.  You can’t control the other guys, you can only control yourself and how you react.

Stay Hungry.  Stay Humble.


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