Stay humble when you are on top.

This is a follow up to my last post Admitting Your Mistakes.

I get pretty dang excited when me, my family or our outfitting businesses do well on a hunt.  I honestly get pumped, but I never lose sight of the ground.

When Ryan Homewood killed this GIANT late season bull with me (Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters), I was pumped.  I felt like I was on the TOP of the mountain.   Watch the vid, because it doesn’t lie.

Did I post about the bull on Social Media?


With that said, I always try to post like a stranger is looking at my content.  Like it’s the first time someone has discovered my content.  I see a lot of young kids posting images like they are talking to their BEST friends, what they don’t understand is the context of who is reading or viewing their content is very diverse.   They don’t understand the impacts of what they are posting.

Enough of that thou, here is Homewood’s giant:

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