Sportsmen don’t be BULLIED!

Hunters and Anglers don’t be BULLIED!  Tell them the TRUTH!
Take your KIDS hunting & fishing!  Check them out of school & make NO apologies!

So, from what we have found the Wyoming Game & Fish Department is going to raise prices on tags & licenses in 2013.  Every few years State Game & Fish Agencies are raising prices to equate for budget short-falls, which typically equates to LESS hunting & fishing licenses sold.  What does this have to do with being bullied?

Moving forward…

100% of the Nation’s population gets to enjoy all of the wildlife with very little sacrifice to THEIR bottom lines. We understand HOW much we (hunters & anglers) value wildlife and wild places, but does the rest of the NATION.  The answer is NO!

So, who’s job is it to tell them?

We believe it is our job, as a group, but it’s also our State Game & Fish Agencies job.  Our story must be told without apologies, regrets, or FEAR of what some may think or do.  The next time your are at a social gathering or event, say this without ANY regret around non-hunters that may frown upon what you do:

“The majority of wildlife management & conservation is paid for by HUNTERS & ANGLERS.  We value wildlife more than most non-hunters.”

If they disagree, don’t back down or be bullied.  Ask them how much they spent on wildlife conservation? Ask them if they are a member of a Non-Profit Wildlife Conservation group?  If so, which one?  Honestly, the answer is more than likely going to be NO to all of these.

We must tell our story to non-sportsmen, because like it or not, wildlife is owned by ALL of the citizens of this Nation, not just sportsmen.  Be respectful, confident, and factual with your answers and questions.  We can’t hide from what we are and we can’t pretend it is always going to be around.   

Here is a great video by the RMEF:

Hunting is Conservation

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