South of the DITCH-Mule Deer Hunting

I love mule deer hunting!!!  

There are SO many opportunities to hunt mule deer in the west, but many people sit back and complain, while they apply for just the most popular hunts. Most of the absolute BEST mule deer hunts will take a Non-Resident 15+ years to draw!!!

As most of you know, I live in Arizona.  We have a lot of opportunity to hunt solid 160-190 type mule deer and I am not talking about the Arizona Strip or Kaibab.   I am talking about South of the DITCH (aka Grand Canyon).   These permits and tags are more obtainable, but they also come with lower success rates.  Every year a few 200″+ muleys will hit the dirt, but it’s not easy!

Check-out this short reel I put together of some bucks Lee Murphy & I have filmed over the past several years.

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