Shed Season 2011 coming soon…

February-May is a great time of year for us.  We have several shows & we are trying to grow the Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide, but we are hoping to get out at least a few times too look for some sheds this spring. 

 Finding any shed is a great feeling but finding a big buck or bull BROWNIE is the BEST!

Walking up on them as they lay is as good as it gets.  You look forward to every new ridge & what you might find down the draw.  It’s a great feeling & we hope you can get out & enjoy the fun.

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Craig Steele

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Craig Steele is the founder and publisher at Craig is an obsessed hunter and professional hunting guide. He owns and operates Predator Exclusives. Craig also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters. Besides hunting and guiding, he operates CS Creativity, which is his marketing and graphic design business.

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