Shed Hunting…NO EXCUSES!

2010 Steele Family Shed Hunting Trip

Whelp, it’s that time of year & we have seen many pictures of hardcore shed hunters picking up bone.  Every year we like to make at least 1 shed hunting trip as a family.

Our biggest sheds!

We have been very blessed to live in Arizona, where some of the largest free ranging elk roam.  Second, we have have picked up some very big antlers, all while doing the majority of it as a family.   Most of the time it is nice just to find an antler, let alone a GIANT!

63″ Main Beam Bull

There are a lot of guys that pick-up way more bone than us, but that’s not why we personally choose to do it.  We believe this is a great family outdoor activity & we love it!

If we could recommend one outdoor hunting related activity for families, shed hunting would be it.  So, quit making EXCUSES & get them damn kids off of the XBOX!

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