Richelle’s on deck! Monster Deer & Elk Hunts

Richelle’s first bull elk taken in 2008.

The excitement level is starting to pick up around our small house.   Richelle drew two limited entry draw tags this year and her third elk hunt begins in less than a month.  Shortly after her elk hunt ends, her first rifle mule deer hunt begins.

Richelle isn’t a female hunter that is pretending to be an expert, which tends to be a trend nowadays.  Honestly, she wants no part of this.  She hunts because she wants to be involved in my passion and likes it.  Both my mom and sister are hunters, although they don’t hunt every year, they still do hunt.

Richelle’s second big game animal taken in 2006.

By no means, am I  trying to say there are not any female hunting experts, because I am sure there are many worthy of that title.  I just wanted to address this issue before it crossed your mind.  You can’t ignore the EXPLOSION of women inside the industry.  I believe a lot of this is because of sex appeal and not because of their skill level, which can show the shallowness of our male brains.  If you ever get a chance to go to the S.H.O.T. Show you will understand what I am talking about.

With that being said, I believe my wife is the sexiest woman on earth, so I am not saying she can’t be a sexy expert hunter.  I am just saying… Hmmm… I am just saying, Tiffany Lakosky has nothing to worry about. Damn, that didn’t come out right either!  I just dug a deep hole, but we are going to publish this anyway.

Check-out Richelle’s first two elk hunts (filmed in 2005 & 2008):

Girl’s first Elk Hunt-the Rookie

We wanted to produce a documentary style hunting video that was more than just about killing.  We hope some beginners can learn from this footage and you enjoy it. 

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