Richelle’s Late Season Mule Deer Hunt Ends

Richelle’s first deer.  Shot on the last day.

It ended today at about 10 a.m..  After 8 days of hunting, we killed this buck on the last day.  I am not going to lie and say this is mine, or Richelle’s dream buck.  With that said, we both feel very blessed right now.  We had our kids just 75 yards away when the buck was shot.   Richelle made a great 1 shot kill at 300 yards with her 7mm Mag.  I am proud to have built a reload that is topped with a 180 grain Berger.  It’s amazing what a big dumb redneck can do if he reads a little!

We also used the TriClawps.  Richelle still has trouble finding animals in the scope and the TriClawps enabled me to place the buck in the scope frame for her.  Once she found him, I knew he was dead.  Richelle shoots all my rifles better than me and I am a big enough boy to admit it.  I have been hunting big game for 22 years and I panic when we shoot paper together.

What meant the most…

On the drive back to the cabin, our nine year old daughter was talking to us about applying next year for this hunt. I am a trophy hunter (but I eat the meat) and sometimes I forget there are little people watching.  I forget to teach.  I forget to take them and I forget to have fun with them.  We are still losing hunters and it’s our own fault.  Take your kids and other kids hunting.  It’s not always about the size of the damn rack, make it fun!

We are not sure if we are going to publish Richelle’s story in the Arizona ORG (Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide), but you will either find the whole story in next year’s hunting edition or on this blog.  Yes, we have better pictures and we filmed the hunt.


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