Richelle’s Late Mule Deer Hunt-Field Update #5

It’s been a long, but short 7 1/2 days, if that makes ANY sense.

Yesterday, we saw a few deer but nothing like we thought. Some of the places that held a lot of deer were shut down because of road closures. So, it was frustrating.

I tracked up one 22 inch 4×5. He just wasn’t the kind of buck we wanted. We also covered a lot of country searching for the rumored 190+. We are calling him the “Ghost buck” and pretty much are done looking for him.

Today, started good as we trailed a big footed buck amongst some does. We got busted while moving in the thick stuff. The deer spooked and a few minutes later two shots rang out below us. Damn it! Just our luck! We still aren’t sure if someone killed him or what happened.

Later in the day we drove up on a nice young 4×4 and some does. We decided to let him grow, but it got our blood pumping again. (Pictured below)

We drove another 5 miles and cut some fresh tracks. We made a big loop in the truck before taking out after them. We trailed several does and another big footed buck. We zigged and they zagged, until Richelle spotted them below us. A short wait and a gnarly 2×3 pushed a doe in front of us.  Damn… not the buck we had mind. Wet feet and a cold walk back to the 4runner was our reward.

We are out of time until after Christmas, so everyone will just have to be patient.  It’s going to drive me NUTS! On top of that, a vacuum switch went out in my Ford truck and tonight we discovered the front passenger suspension arm is cracked on my 4runner!

No Excuses.

Young Rutting 4×4 we decided to let grow.

Gnarly 2×3 we tracked for hours in the snow.

This 2×3 had a BIG track.
Front Passenger wheel & tire tilted out.
Front Passenger Suspension Arm Cracked!

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