Richelle’s Late Mule Deer Hunt-Field Update #4

Let it snow. Let it snow. Yeah, that is the worst Christmas song ever! I am plume tired of watching it snow and blow.

Today we hunted all of about 3 hours. The rest of the time we sat in the truck and watched the radar. We encountered snow from 6-24 inches. Below is a picture of my 4runner which we left at the cabin. 24 inches!

We ended the day seeing 20+ deer and 4 bucks. We trailed up the biggest buck, but he avoided us in the juniper country. Below is a picture of a small three point that Richelle could have shot with her bow. Also, below is also a picture of two small bulls we walked up on, which was pretty cool. All of this action happened quick.

Today we had a hell of a snow ball fight and built a snow man with some special people. Tomorrow will be our first full day of hunting, if we avoid getting stuck. At the end of the day, we feel blessed to have both our children after the tragedy in Connecticut. It puts life and hunting into perspective.

No Excuses…

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