Richelle’s Elk Hunt-12.02.12

Richelle enjoying the beauty of the back country.

We had the opportunity to hunt for a day and a half this week. Damn, God’s Country was unreal.   Once again, we worked our tails off trying to find the right bull, but despite pounding the ground with both our feet and eyes, it did not happen.

Check-out the short video below. 

Google Earth with Hunting GPS Maps Land Status Overlay

This week we finally found some country that is AWAY from the hunting pressure, thanks to Hunting GPS Maps and a 1/2 day’s worth of pounding our feet.

Finally found a  Giant Bull living in the back country.
With just 2 days left to hunt, we are down to the bottom of the 9th! We may not find the right bull again, but we know he is alive and if someone else kills this bull, they will at least deserve him. 
Stay tuned… 
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