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Thanks to a friend I found an App called, “MyRadar”.  Over the past few months I have been testing it out during the Monsoon Season.  Weather is something I follow while at home and out in the field.  So the ability to have a mobile radar is something I find useful.

On to the review…

Saturday August 18th test MyRadar Actual

Like most Apps that provide real time information you will need data service.  Obviously, this is something we don’t always have while out in the field.  If you don’t have data service you will continue to need to monitor the sky with your eyes and warnings from the NWS Office because this App, like most, will do you no good.

If you have 3G+ data service the MyRadar App works pretty good.  It can track your location (if you allow it) and you can view the radar overlay on a road map or over a terrain map.  With both of these you can zoom in to a very isolated spot, in order to see if it is raining around your favorite tank or canyon.  After chasing a few storms and comparing the data to where it is actually raining, it is fairly accurate, but no where near 100%.

Saturday August 18th MyRadar Test Screen

The radar is always in a loop setting. You can slow it down or speed it up, but you cannot set the radar on a static view.  The radar is also slightly behind, or indicates more rain than what is actually happening from what I have found, but it is still pretty accurate.  The image labeled “Test Screen” was a screen shot taken from my i-phone and labeled “Actual” was what was happening out the front windshield.  I could see some heavy rain to the South and Southwest of me, so I am assuming the radar was slightly delayed.

Final Verdict…

The MyRadar App is free with an upgrade edition available, but I don’t think the upgrade is of value.   This App seems to function pretty well and works well when you have data service.  Sometimes the radar overlay will be missing digital blocks, but overall it seemed to function well.  I believe it is a useful tool, especially if you are hunting or fishing in an area where you have data service. 

MyRadar App is available through both Google Play and the App Store.

 MyRadar Weather Radar-iphone

MyRadar-Google Play

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