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Nathan Craig looks over the FoxPro Call on a recent predator hunting trip.

Nathan Craig looks over the FoxPro Call on a recent predator hunting trip.

After a recent  predator hunt, I really wanted to share my fresh thoughts with you.

Most of you know I love predator hunting.  It can be as simple as blowing on a homemade call and the predators come running, but being more consistent is the challenge.

Realistically, the beginning predator hunter has a HUGE learning curve to climb, because most calling stands will be done with out success.  When you don’t have consistent predator hunting success, you typically do a couple of things:

  1. Look for Answers (sometimes you don’t get the best answers)
  2.  Give Up
Ian Chappel with Predator Exclusives' guide Chris Chavez.

Ian Chappel with Predator Exclusives’ guide Chris Chavez.

Ian Chappel (pictured above) went on a guided predator hunt with us and has since been talking with me via email and text about hunting predators in his home state of Pennsylvania.  Ian recently sent me a text, which made my day:

I JUST CALLED IN MY FIRST COYOTE!!  But my buddy missed. Ha

Guiding predator hunts is something which has helped me learn even more about predator hunting and how to be more consistent.  When you have paying clients thirsting to see a coyote coming to the call or asking why, when and how, it really makes you think about your answers.  We try to give our hunters our most well thought out opinions, which will give them a solid base to work with.  With that said, it still takes time and even I don’t know every answer or call in a predator at every stand.

Check-out this short highlight real of some recent guided predator hunts:

 So, don’t give up and make sure you are getting the best information possible.


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