PETA’s new face is a former Phoenix Sun

We just wonder how many chickens & steaks Amar’e eats?  Wonder how many ungulates have lost habitat in order to grow your lettuce & apples?  Guess what Amar’e, coyotes & other predators have died in order to feed you.  By the verse tattooed on your chest you proclaim to be a Christian, so you should understand the old testament.  It is just HOW god made it bud, if you have a problem with it you can take it up with him.   
Is it not better to make use of what furs are available from predator control methods?    You DAM RIGHT it is, you ignorant no defense playing Knick! Trapping & predator hunting is managed based on FACTS, paid for by outdoorsmen.

We don’t agree or condone the torture of animals, but it is just ignorance these groups are preaching.  Show us the dollars they raise to go back into wildlife & conservation? That’s what we thought…

Here’s their skewed statement & agenda: PETA wants to stop ALL hunting

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Craig Steele

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