Hunting for who?


I am being brutally honest, which isn’t always easy or popular.

I have talked about it before, but jealousy sometimes comes out inside of me when I see some posting images, videos or other content.  Perhaps, it’s because I perceive them as doing better in the hunting industry or as a more successful hunter or guide than I expected them to be.  With that said, I refuse to waste my time worrying about ANYTHING other than my own effort.

Who are you playing for?  

Last night, I was coaching my daughter & our JO Softball team.  My daughter swung & missed a few times, then she struck out.  Just as she was finishing her swing she looked at me like she was going to cry.  My daughter was looking for my encouragement & approval, which hopefully she got.  She was playing scared because she has always wanted me to see her as one of the best players on the team.  By doing so, she often is playing not to fail, which is not how you achieve your goals.  She is constantly comparing herself to others & often watching who I praise, then worrying about not achieving that level of success.  I get it & what she doesn’t realize, I know exactly how it feels.

As that inning ended, I pulled the girls aside & I told them:

“If you want to be good at something, do it for you!

Not for mom or dad.

Not for a cute boy.

Not for the coach.

Not to be cool.

You do it for you!”

What does this have to do with hunting???

Hunting is for everyone, just like softball is for everyone, or life for that matter.  This statement doesn’t mean everyone has to have the same goals or skill level, to enjoy hunting or life.  It doesn’t mean we should put pressure on everyone to hunt the way we hunt.  It doesn’t even mean WE hunt the right way…

Quick to eat humble pie, because I know the truth.

Over the past few years I have very little time to spare so it’s of huge value to not waste it on things outside of my control.  Because of maturity, technology & a re-committed mental state, I understand hunting has a different significance for each & everyone of us.  I can’t pretend that I am the KING of hunting or the only person who knows what real hunting is, because it’s just not true.

Everyone wants the perception of being the man, but then things change.  People look at you differently when you are perceived as being successful, people envy what they think you are, not what you really are.  People desire success, but the truth is, fear is never ending & success doesn’t come without failures.  Effort does mean you will be successful, it simply means you are giving what you have & understand you don’t have control of the outcome.

Who are you hunting for?


-Craig Steele


FYI- Dad loves you no matter what.  No matter what.