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I am bringing this topic up, because it is something we talk about all of the time while at outdoor shows.  Keep in mind, you have about 10-15 seconds to capture someone’s attention while you are surrounded by 400-800 vendors that are trying to do the same thing.   Honestly, until our brand is more well known, people will continue to believe we are just another hunting magazine.

With that said, I do not dislike other hunting magazines, in fact, I like many of them.  I currently only subscribe to Western Hunter Magazine and Elk Hunter MagazineWestern Hunter Magazine is my favorite national hunting magazine because I find the editorial staff and content are catering toward my style of hunting.  Again, I like a few other magazines, but I don’t have enough time to read them all.  Typically, if I see a magazine issue on a newsstand that has an article or two covering the states I hunt, I buy it.
2013 Arizona Hunting Edition of the ORG
The ORGs (Outdoorsman’s Resource Guides) are state hunting publications.  They are basically half phone book (directory) and half magazine.  The ORG state hunting editions are published annually.  We are not a subscription based magazine.  In our minds, the ORG is more of an annual product, than a magazine.  You can Pre-Order the ORGs at a discounted rate, which is the closest thing to a subscription we offer.
Being completely honest, we believe outdoorsmen are far more likely to buy a magazine on a newsstand if the content is focused on a state they hunt or want to hunt.  A typical national magazine may have 1 or 2 stories a year covering your home state, but the ORGs have 15+ in just 1 issue!  With that said, we know there are some state magazines that exist, but most are free publications, which typically means they are completely consumed with ads and lack quality content.  Many are also trying to compete on a subscription based model, which won’t work for a state magazine. 
So, to answer a few questions we heard this weekend:

The ORG is not like Eastman’s Hunting Journal.  All of the stories and information inside each edition cover a specific state.  The ORG is also not like Huntin’ Fool; we don’t publish any unit information, we simply have a section covering how-to get tags, licenses and permits for a specific state.  Yes, we do have a Western Hunting Application Service, but we don’t see the value in commercially publishing what has already been published. FYI-I like some of the issues from both these magazines. I just don’t subscribe because I don’t have time to read all of those issues and I don’t want to read about a bunch of places I don’t care to hunt. 

My stack of magazines from this past year.  I don’t have time to read them all.

The ORGs are annual state specific publications that are built to not only be read, but to be thrown in your truck and in your smart phone.  If you hunt, guide or spend a fair amount of time in the woods, like I do, you understand how valuable it is to have a resource or phone number with you. 


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