What is ORGhunt.com?

ORGhunt.com is a collaboration of an ORGanization of outstanding contributing authors. ORGhunt.com contributing authors come from different cultures, experiences, economics and geographical locations, but hunting is the common obsession which brings them together.

ORG Hunt Publisher

Craig Steele founder and publisher

Craig Steele is an obsessed hunter, entrepreneur and professional hunting guide. His business life revolves around graphic design and web & print marketing solutions. Craig owns and operates Predator Exclusives and he also guides for Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters.  His favorite type of hunting is on your own, where you can truly challenge your own abilities.  His passion for hunting has driven him to create a place where everyone has a passion for the hunt.


Kevin Passmore Contributing Author

Kevin was raised in Mayer, Arizona.  He is married with one daughter and has a son on the way. Kevin is a journeyman lineman for APS.  He gives all the credit to his father, Randy, for his abilities and passion for hunting.  Kevin enjoys hunting with his friends and family more then anything, not one second goes by with out him thinking of another adventure in the woods. Kevin also contributes to his own hunting blog: HuntinAz.blogspot.com

Sam Heffelfinger ORG Hunt Contributing Author

Sam Heffelfinger Contributing Author

Sam Heffelfinger was born and raised in Prescott, AZ. Growing up hunting was ALWAYS a family activity for Sam. He moved to Flagstaff about 10 years ago to Attend NAU for a Degree in Civil Engineering, he followed that up with a Master’s Degree in the same field. Sam considers himself blessed to work for a small Engineering firm with great people. Sam met his wife in Flagstaff, and they plan on calling it home for the foreseeable future, it’s a great base camp for all their adventures. Sam is not a professional hunter, a guide or a pro-staffer, he just loves to hunt and be outside. He is up for going hunting for just about any game with anyone lucky enough to draw a tag.  Check-out his blog  Sam’s Adventure Blog

Tyler Boschma

Tyler Boschma Contributing Author

Tyler Boschma grew up in southern Idaho, where he spent much of his younger years hunting waterfowl. Big Game Hunting didn’t turn into a priority until recently, but over the last decade he has hunted Alaska, Idaho, Montana and New Mexico. During his time in Alaska, he was bit by the sheep bug and dreams of pursuing them again. Bowhunting is Tyler’s true passion, but when he isn’t tuning arrows, he is working for the US Air Force and spending time with his fiancee. Tyler and his also fiancee enjoy competing in the Train to Hunt Challenges.

Brian McElrea ORG Hunt Contributing Author

Brian McElrea Contributing Author

Brian McElrea grew up in Oregon spending time hunting and fishing the diverse offerings of the Pacific Northwest. From the coastal jungle rivers pursuing winter steelhead to the Northeast Blues Mountain range hunting big game, Brian lives for anytime spent in the field. He has also been fortunate to hunt several other western states in recent years including; New Mexico, Colorado, California and Montana. Brian is a sales and marketing professional by trade and has had his photos and articles published in the likes of The Huntin’ Fool and Extreme Elk Magazines.


Cody Lujan Contributing Author

Cody Lujan grew up in northwestern Colorado and central New Mexico and has spent his life hunting big game and birds in the deserts, high plains and mountains of the west. A lover of the fly rod, he has fished throughout South, Central and North America and worked as a flyfishing guide in Alaska. Cody is a former attorney and now works for the ranch brokerage firm of Hall and Hall in Denver, Colorado. Cody is also a contributing author for the TheMeatEater.com and collaborates with Casey Butler on his show Hushin’ With Lavere.

Eric Hunt ORG Hunt Contributing Author

Eric Hunt Contributing Author

Eric Hunt was born and raised in Wickenburg, Arizona. He is a Captain/Paramedic for the Daisy Mountain Fire Department. When he is not spending time with his beautiful new wife, Caitlin, he is an avid outdoorsman that hunts throughout many western states including Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada.  His true passion is desert bighorn sheep and desert mule deer hunting. He is co-owner of Arizona Desert Outfitters and spends countless hours scouting and preparing for hunts both mentally and physically.

ORG Hunt Contributing Author

Jorgen Swenson Contributing Author

Jorgen Swenson was raised in Spanish Fork, Utah, where he grew up on a family farm. He is currently a full-time student pursuing a degree in Civil-Engineering. He wasn’t raised in a big hunting family, but as he got older, he discovered his passion for it. He has been fortunate enough to hold big game permits in Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming. He has made it his goal to hunt many other states and species. He is all about the DIY hunts, because of the self-accomplishment. Jorgen’s weapon of choice is a bow, and species of choice is elk during the mid-September rut. Jorgen manages a Facebook page called Giant Utah Bulls and Bucks.

Adam Piestewa

Adam Piestewa Contributing Author

Adam Piestewa, along with his wife own and operate Piestewa Guide Service. He is an accomplished archery big game hunter. He has hunted in numerous states including: New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, and Montana (just to name a few). Adam is also an accomplished predator hunter placing in numerous predator hunting contests. He is always willing to help and always willing to learn.  To Adam, hunting is not a hobby, it’s a way a life!

Travis Long ORG Hunt Contributing Author

Travis Long Contributing Author

Travis Long was born and raised in Meridian, ID where he still lives with his beautiful bride Amanda and four beautiful children. Travis grew up on a small farm where he started hunting at a very young age with a pellet gun and sling shot, which grew into a passion for hunting big game and waterfowl. Travis’ passion for big mule deer bucks grew as he pursued them over the years with a rifle, bow and muzzleloader. His passion for mule deer in Idaho has spurred him to become involved with the Idaho Deer Alliance, a local non-profit wildlife and hunting conservation organization dedicated to healthy habitat for mule deer and other wildlife in Idaho. Travis currently serves on the Board of Directors for Idaho Deer Alliance as VP of Marketing and Publication. Travis is a co-founder and contributing editor for Idaho Deer Hunter Magazine. He is also a field staff member of HuntAddicts.com, Gear Pro for Elusive Hunting and a Pro Staff member of Blacks Creek Guider Gear.

ORG Hunt Editor Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy Contributing Author

Lee Murphy grew up on the ORO Ranch in Arizona.  He is a passionate old school hunter who strongly excels at tracking and glassing some of the biggest animals in the world.  Lee is also the owner of Exclusive Pursuit Outfitters.  He love’s big old mule deer and really values the traditional spot and stalk type hunting.

Andrew Dykes Contributing Author

Andrew Dykes Contributing Author

Andrew was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He left Utah 15 years ago when he joined the Marine Corps. Service related injuries forced his retirement from the Marine Corps in 2014, and he now calls Yuma, Arizona home.  Andrew has been married for 14 years and is a father to 3 children.

Growing up at the foot of the Wasatch mountains, the outdoors have always been a way of life for Andrew.  Andrew and his children hunt several western states and Mexico each year. Although elk are his favorite species, if there is a tag to be had, Andrew wants to hunt it regardless of species.    In addition to hunting, Andrew loves to film hunts and has been recognized at several film for his video work.

Outside of hunting, Andrew is an Air Traffic Controller for the Department of Defense and runs his video production company Eight Zero Delta Productions.