Nothing goes to waste!

I recently came across this short web-video of a hunter finding his mule deer buck two weeks after he had shot it.  The entire back half of the buck had been picked clean by scavengers.  Now, I am not saying we should GLORIFY wounding an animal, but at some point we have to realize the FACTS!  Nothing goes to waste in the wild!  Something or someone always benefits from the death of another creature.  We may not like the outcome, but it’s the cold hard facts.

We applaud this young man for tagging his buck, even though he did not get the meat.  Some may want to pick a part his actions, but if you hunt long enough, it will happen to you.  Keep in mind, ethics are something humans have and other predators don’t.  So, if you mortally wound an animal, you will be faced with some ethical decisions…

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