Are you always the unlucky one when it comes to drawing a pronghorn or elk permit?

Now is your chance to become the LUCKY LOSER!!!  We are looking for an interesting story…

How long did it take you to draw a certain tag or how long have you been waiting?

We are giving away the following to 1 LUCKY LOSER:
  • $25 Cabela’s Gift Card
  •  3 Hunting DVD’s
  • Outdoorsman’s Resource Guide 2011-12 AZ Edition both digital & print
Instructions & Rules:
  • You must be at least 18 or older in order to enter or have the written consent of your legal guardian!
  • Send in a short synopsis of how long it took you or how long you have not been drawn for a pronghorn or elk permit. Please include what state & weapon type.
  • After you have submitted your email, have at least 2 friends send us an email confirming your unlucky streak & story!
How we will choose the LUCKY LOSER WINNER!!!
Obviously how long you waited will be a HUGE part of the grade!

How interesting your story is….  
Do your buddies always draw?  
Did your wife draw the first time applying for the same hunt you have waited 10 years for?
Supporting FACTS!  
How many people email us backing up your story will be another big part of the grade.  
Do you have pictures of your animal or hunt after you finally drew the tag?  Maybe your still applying… 
Email all submissions to:

Deadline is June 1, 2011!!!

Submissions & entries consent to being published on our Blog, Website & any printed or electronically published material owned by CEi Outdoors.

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